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Meet the BrokeBoyz

If you know Miss Katie Kay, you know that she did go away for four years to the magical land of New Rochelle to attend Iona College.

While on that magical journey of debochery and some studies she came to meet a few gentlemen that today have become known as TheBrokeBoyz

The creators of TheBrokeBoyz Paris Haven, Zeus Wilson, Brint, and Radio Rob have come together post Iona College to take their trials and tribulations post grad and put a positive spin which makes it relatable to both those that have graduated from college as well as those that have taken an alternate route to their dreams and start from the bottom. Their vibe resembles the original Abel, Highly, and Lamar; for many that might not know it Abel the surname of Grammy award winner The Weeknd started from the bottom in the district of Scarborough Toronto he and Hyghly Allyne and Lamar Taylor brought their collective efforts and talents and came together to build a product aka the Weeknd.

When you see TheBrokeBoyz you see the modern day version of the XO Boys. You have the voice (Rob) the artist (Paris Haven) The Style (Brint) and the Witt (Zeus Wilson) and they have made a project that many will not be able to duplicate. Not only they touch on life post graduate studies. They share their views on music, movies, current events. With their interests of music and hiphop in their first podcast episode they decipher the likes of Eminem, The Weeknd , Remy Ma, Nikki, and Kanye West. Though I might disagree with certain views (Em is not trash) they have a raw talent in which can be believed that they can do underground reviews. They have a raw view of music and life that I believe that this podcast and the gentlemen should be welcomed into the independent scene.

In terms of current media and politics I could not help but giggle when they would talk about politics and our President #AgentOrange Donald Trump as much as we are in a difficult position of having this type of president they take their time to make jokes about the current president to give their viewers ease about their opinions about our orange POTUS. At some point the conversation got heated when talking about the current release of Get Out. Although I have not seen the movie they have solidified my opinion to not see the movie.



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