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EP Review 718 & Heartaches Meko Sky

Jeremy Ramirez and Aaliyah Cardenas 

Ig: @jloko2t26            @auroess

There’s a new genre of music out there that is beginning to arise in music. This genre brings together two different sides of music and is known as Rap Soul. If you ever wonder what Rap Soul sounds like then you should recall J. Cole’s latest album 4 Your Eyez Only. A young Hip Hop Soul artist from the Bronx by the name of Meko Sky dropped an EP that leaves the listeners star dazed and vibing to mellow beats and smooth punch lines. Titled 718 & Heartaches, he has given us his own version of More Life. The first track “Ei8th After 6” starts out smooth giving a good introduction to what Hip Hop Soul is to him. The grittiness in the song comes from what it is to live in the Bronx. As the EP continues, Meko Sky brings out Nico Woods and Kwoat in a raw rap single, “Throne Talks”. The track is filled with audacious quotes and controversial punch lines that leave listeners begging for more. The EP concludes with “Day 1’s,” which shows the temerarious side of Meko Sky. Filled with aggressive lines that comeback stereotypes and life struggles, Meko carefully ended the EP with a strong message. To hear more of Meko Sky, tune in to WVMR every Monday from 6pm to 8pm to catch Loud Silence Radio. 

Ig : @mekosky

Listen to 718 & Heartaches on SoundCloud 

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