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Behind the lyrics - Regresa a Mi - Ismael Seda

With the upcoming release of his latest video Regresa A Mi - Unbreak My Heart remix. Ismael Seda known as Seda Sounds comes to us with a beautiful rendition to the classic unbreak my heart by Toni Braxton. Although the track being in Seda native language of Spanish the track carries a powerful meaning to those that had lost a loved one. For many of us we know that oh too familiar feeling.

For people like myself who lost a father 17 years ago, you listen to this song from Seda and it is a representation of everything you feel when you lost someone close, more importantly a father. Its truly an honor when artists such as him come to our outlets with a song with a strong meaning. Once you hear the song I guarantee you will shed a tear or two listening to this song.

Monday Night Rawrr was there to get the exclusive with Mr. Seda as he prepares for the April 14th release of the visual for this song.

1. What is the name of the song ?

Regresa A Mi (Spanish version of the classic Un-break my heart)

2. What is your inspiration behind it ?

It was one of my dads favorite songs, and it basically talks about the pain you feel after losing someone. So it's sort of a tribute or dedication to him. THis song also was one of the songs i listened to most after losing him so i felt the need to do my own rendition.

3. What was it like for you to record such a powerful song like this?

It was an emotional release for me actually, after i finished recording this song, tears started flowing and i also felt like a weight had been lifted bc i had finally given into such strong emotion. Having to be strong for the family i hadn't really processed my own pain/feelings.

4. What was your thought process in writing this song?

I wish i had written this song, but i honestly felt like i did, in the way i felt compelled to sing it. It touches me upon each listen.

5. Did you have other songs in mind to redo in tribute to your father ?

I also have My All In spanish by Mariah, Dance with my father by Luther and i am also writing another song for him currently about how strong he made me and what he left me behind.

6. Optional q - What was he like because it seems like he had such a positive impact on you?

He was an army veteran, so he taught me how to be strong, and basically a soldier. I am who i am because of the militant way that he raised me. But he also raised me to be kind and respectful to everyone no matter what. I take alot with me that he taught me as a child. And you will hear alot about that in the song i am writing to him about that very topic.

7 How did your family react to the song ?

They all caught "goosebumps" and we cried together when i played the video for them.

8. What would you honestly tell someone that's going through the loss of a loved one?

I would tell them it's going to be alright, and don't rush into mourning your loved one. Don't let anyone rush you, take your time, bc losing someone is hard, losing a parent is like having to find yourself all over again. you really do feel like you lost a part of you that's never returning. you almost feel lost and empty and that's what the song "Regresa a mi" talks about. Hence, why the video took place in the woods, all alone. I wanted to capture the essence of that feeling. I also, find a positive outlet which can assist in you getting your emotions out.

9. Will there be an entire project dedicated to your father or will this be the only song ?

There will only be a song to him, but i carry him with me all the time. Our main connection derived through music. We really connected and bonded listening to music and his taste of music really helped me because he wasn't just into one thing, he had all types of records playing in the house which is how i am with music. I have a wide ranging musical taste and i owe that to him. I had music from salsa, motown, blues, R&B, hip hop, reggae and the list goes on playing in the house. So when creating,

10. Anything else you want to share with us ?

I am always open to all sounds/genres. I don't consider myself just an R&B artist,I like to call my music poetic soul. I am currently working on two new singles to set the fire to the upcoming summer, and hopefully an EP will follow at the end of the year, early next. For now i am enjoying just creating singles, and working with other artist. Thank you for your time. Love & Light to all!


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