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Creator of HipHop Retreat Week Stands up for Culture

This just in as of this morning the underground hip hop community took a stand, a major stand and it took one person to start it. Owner and creator Lbanks Da Bossy took to social media this morning after a disturbing encounter with management for the local Brooklyn Bar TenderTrap

Banks had approached the venue to discuss having an event take place and an employee allegedly poses as part owner of the venue stated that they are no longer intersted in doing "Thug Shows" ; discriminating against Bossy's company, buisiness and importantly her racial background. Livid as she was she took the fight to social media Thursday morning and in 8 hours the review ratings of the Brooklyn hip spot plummeted from 4.9 to 3.1 stars , with 95 members of the indie community voicing their opinions giving one star ratings.

Hip hop originated many styles of music, as well as they have originated the most cashflow for many of these local establishments here in NYC. The freedom of expression alone is what makes NYC great, whether its through the open mics and spoken word to hip hop showcases the independent scene in New York makes New York so special and welcoming to thse looking to expand their art and make a difference with their music.

When responding to Banks tender trap replies with the following statement:

do you find this as an appropriate apology , or do you believe that we as the hiphop community should continue to follow Banks lead to keep taking a stand and making known how racist this venue and its owners really are?

To leave a bad review and help the fight go to

Comment below we want to hear your opinions we will definately be talking about this situation Monday with guests Kony Brooks and Teddy Grahams on #MondayNightRawrr

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