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6x Voiceless Music Nominee changes the world with 1|9

Prior to his six voiceless music award nominees, Beau Draper aka Ju$$ B released his second solo record 1|9. The record itself was a product of Draper's history, blood, sweat, and tears. A musical documentation of his life while at the same time containing powerful lyrics and meaning that everyone around him can relate to.

The first single of the compilation Instafamous made our Rawrrpicks for the month of may taking the industry by a storm. With the support of his label mates at Ascot Music Group (AMG) he continues to produce hit after hit.

The album itself is honestly one of the bests I have heard this year. With the versatility of his music one never can tell what he can produce. I definitely recommend this for people to listen to.

check out his soundcloud now

Read below our Behind the Lyrics Interview with Ju$$ B

1) How long did it take for you to put out 1 | 9 ?

It took me about a year year and a half tops to get it together

2) What is the meaning to the name?

ONE NINE came from all the pain I was going threw I lost my first daughter "Skylar Beau-Sade Draper" sept 19th 2015 then I lost my brother the next year April 19th 2016

3) What is your motivation behind the album?

My motivation behind the album was basically me just trying to find closer for myself not so much for the people but I still made the songs relatable

4) What is your favorite track from the album?

Uh my favorite track varies with my mood but I love "Sept19th" just cause what it means to me and my "Fine Wit Me" track featuring PHresher

5) What was the process in creating your album?

Just me finding a peace of mind no matter my setting cause some songs were written on a long train ride some just sitting in the room write after an argument like I right off my moods

6) What was your support system like during your process?

This process support wasn't really to much cause I kind of cooked this up undercover. Everybody featured on the project supported heavy but far as my people's and fans I kind of kept it on the low

7) What is the story behind War and April 19th ?

you hear a lot of emotion coming from those two tracks?

APRIL 19th I relived the day my brother was murdered in the booth which was hard to do. And WAR came about from me just feeling like my neighborhood and a few artist that or in this class with me just sleeping and forgetting how much work I put in and people always telling me what I need to do but I just stayed true and had to make a statement .

8) If you had to change something about this album what would it be?

I wouldn't change anything I'd just upgrade the engineering a little bit and take my time on it a little more but i made a deadline to drop it on the 19th or April

9) This album had no features is there a reason to it?

It's Features just the Distribution people didn't add it but S/O to KillaTime (Battle Rapper) that's family, KARMA P, PHresher (Famous for the WAIT A MINUTE Track) and NajIsDope those the only artist I have on it

10) How do you feel being nominated for 6 Voiceless Music Awards?

IT WAS MIND BLOWING. Cause everyday i wake up I feel like I'm not doing enough for my career, but then I get reminded by things like this IVE BEEN PUTTING IN WORK

11) Whats next for JU$$-B?

NEXT FOR ME IS JUST TRYING TO GET SOME RADIO SPINS FOR INSTAFAMOUS and see about getting some big name features (Gotta save up some Mula lol) and get these visuals out for the world.

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