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Menzanmi Woyyy Kwoat is bringing the Heat Summer 17

The brooklyn native is at it again, after his infamous release of Toast earlier last year the beggining of this year. Kwoat comes back with his unique remake of the Outkast song Ms Jackson.

Engineered by O Banga Productions Kwoat takes a classic hip hop song and mixes it with his Haitian roots and puts his mark on what the industry should be looking like.

What is amazing about Kwoat is that he looks to think outside of the box with his music. It was noticeable since he released Toast. As he had said in a mashup show that former Rawrr show LNK Radio did with Loud Silence and Darkside Radio while doing his videos unexpected things tend to happen. With toast he never planned to shoot in the church, it just happened like that; whileas in a recent post he posted in which the slap in 1,23 was actually unscripted and he decided to go along with it, true signs of an innovator.

As difficult as it can be Kwoat is also one of the few artists that mixes their music with their native Haitian tongue, and look how impeccable it sounds. You see more of that with Ms Jackson. For the last few days it made me want to even learn Haitian.

The video starts with someone that appears to be his girlfriend and she doesn't sound too happy with him. He tries to reach his followers by representing what society's view of relationship is today. As unfortunate as that reality but his words show as much as he does love her , he "doesn't want to make her cry no more." and "If he breaks a heart he will be the man",how the pattern some men in modern day relationship's show towards their women. He does it in a very laidback and relatable way.

But while he shows this he also brings the sexy back with it, ladies theres of course the few mins where females are undressed but theres those few minutes where you see Mr. Kwoat himself without a shirt , getting ready. Can you say #Fiyaaaaaaaaa Menzanmiii Woyyyyyyy

Hes that Mor Value Soldier repping Cool Kids Society and if he keeps putting fire like this there is no doubt in our minds he will be in the mainstream sooner rather than later.

Follow him @kwoatalent on Instagram

Watch the video here

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