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Ray Fame makes ICMG/2deep and has a kickass EP

The Alpha Thot of the thot boys accomplished something he has been working for a long time. Congratulations Ray Fame on becoming part of the ICMG/2deep label.

The native of the Harlem Renaissance has been a loyal and true member of the Thot boys, and a good friend to members of the label Kony Brooks, Teddy Grahams, Jr Just Real, Swagg, and Diips over the last few years and was greatly inspired by the collective and later becoming to what he calls them his Family.

In the process of his ICMG/2Deep journey, he had released an EP entitled Paid in Full. In all honesty due to personal issues it took me a while to collectively get my thoughts together to sit down and write this blog out. But seeing him accomplish so much after everything he's told me about himself and his life honestly motivated me to do it. As someone thats struggled to be where I am as a person today, to hear his story and to see the strides he's making as a person, father, and artist I can honestly say I am proud of him. I know many people can say "Well Katie Kay aint Shit" thats fine I'm not. But I can honestly say I was very inspired by everything he has done and the loyalty that he has shown to his team and everyone around him.

The Album is the artists lyrical version of the movie paid in full. Where he pictured himself as the main character and he pictures himself and everything through the entire story.

My top three songs I must say that caught my attention were:

1) Don't Let Me - feat Kony Brooks The continuing collaboration since Kony Island 2 , with a different vibe than their normal collaborations. They really hit home with the combination of lyrics and the emotion that they put into the song.

2) I Promise - feat Diips In a #Rawrr Interview , this was considered one of the most special collaboration in the entire EP for fame. It was their first time working closely with each other. The track talking about trials and tribulations in our relationships and of course the usual one person that has the side person and the main person.

3) Bet it Back Honestly I loved this because I would drive in the car with people and bump to it on some hard shit. This has to be that theme song that people have when you trying to prove yourself. I listen to this constantly when I need motivation when I am getting ready for gigs and feeling like I need to prove myself. It motivates you so you don't have to deal with those that don't believe in you. They bet five bet five right back and prove them wrong.

If you want to understand what I am talking about check it out on soundcloud yourself!!!

Follow him on Instagram @the_real_ray_fame

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