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The Darkside fights back in this years VMA Cypher

Following the Star Qualified Music Group Cypher, the dark lord of WVMR Blackout the Rebel decided to fight back. If many of you did not know, the lyrically equipped Star Qualified Music Group or known as SQMG came at all of the voiceless music nominees on July 25th in their attempt of making a stance and a name for themselves in this INDiEstry.

Blackout known for his show on WVMR Darkside Radio (Monday's 8:30-10pm) as a raunchy, perverted getting people pregnant music enthusiast recruited the best in the industry which included ICMG own Kony Brooks and Teddy Grahams as the videographer, Izone media own Nikko Tesla, One Man Band Live Johnson, as well as the infamous Mickey Factz.

The beat of course was one of Prodigy's classics, Keep It Thoro and the NY natives brought back a little piece of themselves and laid the other cyphers to rest in peace next to prodigy's memorial in the QueensBridge houses.

I am pretty sure that this Cypher will be the best for the 2017-2018

Don't believe me just check it out for yourself and let us know what you think.

Live on the Live 365 App (Click to Listen) and On Our Website Below (1).png
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