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Thot Boys become Wild Thots in New Remix

You wont want to have them put a ring on it, but you will have those Wild Thoughts about the Thot Boys after listening to this #WildThoughts remix featuring Kony Brooks, Ray Fame, Jr Just Real , and Teddy Grahams

The remix to the DJ Khalid Rihanna, and Bryson Tiller hit might be the best remix thus far. Has a blend of impressive bars from the Thot Boys with the lyrical stylings and vocals of #RealityCheck own JR Just real. They the thotty otty otty they beating your body when they dont want to stop, Teddy is taking it with the bars with this one, sorry Kony!

Within 12 hours of the release they have over 100 views on soundcloud, as well as multiple shares on social media. Check it out they will make you forget the original song ever came out.

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of course follow their #thotboys Page on Instagram @tboythursday

Katie Kay out!

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