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Zeke Jaye gets Rawrr in latest EP Nostalgic

Art fest and Art Ent Creator Zeke Jaye gets Rawrr in his latest EP Nostalgic.

Released on his birthday, the 22 year old took a more mature turn with his artistry. With moves like michael and a swagg like an honorary thot boy, this EP will surely get the ladies turned on just by listening to his voice.

The EP featured only about 8 tracks, giving the audience a little taste and teaser of whats to expect from the artist. And of course don't call Katie a perv but of course she liked X-Rated after seeing him perform it at Art Fest in June it was definitely something different from what she has seen with Crush on You and Too Lit . You see more passion in his music and in his presentation of the song. The song produced by Tone Jonez will be something that will give you something to think about. This track will most likely have your girlfriend screaming that its Zeke's P**SY .

Of course though its never a Zeke mixtape or project without a killer collaboration and of course we see he not only collaborates with Artfest member Smoove Shotta but he collaborates with the King of the Thot boys own Kony Brooks.

Kryptonite has me wanting Zeke and Kony to be my superman. This track talks about a special female being Zeke's Kryptonite im sure everyone relates to that. You should listen to this song and the whole EP it will take you through the motions like it did with me.

Zeke great job on a fabulous EP , cant wait to see where you go now from here.

Follow him @zekeJaye

Download the EP at

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