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Jazmen Safina got us caught up in her magic in new single to be premiered on Monday Night Rawrr

With a Voice Like Jazmen Safina it will make you want her to pinky swear that she will hold you down. The 25 year old North Carolina Native is currently working with the beautiful Kamryn Nicole and K Nicole management is taking her talent and setting herself apart from the other R & B singers in this industry.

Her debut song Pinky Swear has a raw feeling, that makes you realize its more than an R & B track she has a young neosoul feel makes you think of Erykah Badu mixed with the current state of Alicia Keys. Has you vybing along with her while wanting to be that person she wants to pinky promise to hold you down.

Monday Night Rawrr will debut this song August 21st with our guests Vykingz Da Don and Dancehall's finest Prince Dynasty.

Follow her on instagram : @jazmensafina

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