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Pieces from a Beating Heart a true depiction of life after love

We at Monday Night Rawrr was supposed to attend the birthday poetry showcase for R.Solo today but because of 9-5 obligations we have to unfortunately sit this one out. But we wanted to go and tell you about his amazing book that he published.

Released June 2017 Pieces from a Beating Heart is a memorable start for poet R.Solo.

The poet part of The Artistry camp and a panelist for VHenny once a month talks about the struggles of love, as it blossoms, as it fades and life after it. For someone that has had their share of love and loss this book has hit completely too close to home.

Solo, known for his wordplay has put his entire heart and soul with this compilation. The book containing his poetry contains stanzas that are as long as a page and a half, and as short as a few mere words but those words hit you sharper than a blade. His raw passion, especially describing how he describes the interaction he has with women, the way he fantasizes them, how he feels with the memorable first kiss of a woman and what happens when two tantalizing bodies come together in a stream of ecstasy. For myself my favorite part of the entire book was his small chapters on love.

The three chapters entailed Life after Love Part 1,2, and 3 describe a romance between himself and a friend of his whom was trying to get away from her ex and ended up falling in love with him. Part one talks about how he went to assist his friend as she went to break up with her boyfriend and they started to fall in love. Part two talks about as they start to break up and how she finally confessed that she still had feelings for her ex boyfriend. While in the third part it was his struggle to move on after the breakup. You start to see everything in the perspective of the man, where you see his soul. Not only seeing his soul but you manage to understand the pain he went through when it was over, the joy he felt when he had it and the sorrow and the miserableness as it was fading to be over. However I will not lie my favorite part of the three parts was the ending where he saw a female at the bar and tried to comfort her, and seeing the ex that caused the entire story to unravel.

Normally it takes me a few days to read a book but with this it took me a mere two hours once I was fully hooked and focused on it.

I suggest you all buy this book and reflect upon your own feelings.

You can purchase the book on Amazon

Follow R. Solo on Instagram @r.solo

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