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Its like Alice in Wonderland for Zeke Jaye in the X-rated Music Video

Last Week Zeke Jaye or known to us here at Monday Night Rawrr x WVMR as Mr. Eat the Booty 2017 himself released a video for his latest hit single X-Rated. If you have not heard the single you get a very 90's R-Kelly feel but in a movie format.

What gives us the element of suprise is the story line that is developed within the video. With help of WVMR / Darkside Radio own Blackout the Rebel they took this to not only a sexy night with shorty but it reminds you of something that came out of Alice in Wonderland.

Let me explain and I am sorry if It sounds bad, but the story started as Blackout the Rebel is a drug dealer giving Zeke X-Rated pills in order for him to have an amazing night with the girl he recently met. Of course Zeke being Zeke trusts Blackout and passes out like a female on roofies. While he passes out he has a dream that hes in a wonderlust land with the female he was picturing and that is where the music video continues from there. Of course if you watch the end of the video Blackout finds Zeke passed out I am pretty sure you must have some giggles watching this video too.

If you love old R & B the music that will get you pregnant while having sex to this song.

Its amazing to see an artist like Zeke Jaye evolve the way he did from the last year as he premiered Crush on You when I first met him to what he is doing now as an artist. You see a great strides that he makes in his music while his performances are off the chart and full of life and energy.

Take a minute and watch the video here

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