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Its a new age of Blackout in his latest compilation Train of Thought

We all know Blackout the Rebel as the host / founder of Darkside Radio . the curator of the Darkside Radio website. The genius behind many of the controversial posts you may see on the WVMR/Voiceless music blogs on the website. The gentleman that gives Zeke Jaye the X-Rated pills and attempts to give a broken condom. What you didn't know is Blackout the Rebel among all these things is one of the most talented artists I have encountered in my year in radio.

The Jamaica Queens Native has made great strides since his first album E.N.D (Effort Never Dies) The first was the producing of the album. While he is the director and the brains behind the project, he sought the talented mind of engineer/producer/graphic artist Live Johnson to collaborate with him on this project. You can tell this has been touched by Live when you have such a clear quality and understanding of each track. He also created the cover art for the album. Blackout took a more mature approach with the album and brought collaborations that many of us would not expect. If you could not tell, each track passes through a certain train stop in NYC.

The first of the collaborations is WVMR member and owner of Lyvelyfe Radio / Dymelyfe productions Ms Dyme Smith herself as she plays the somewhat love interest in Side N**GA and Motions skit. My thoughts had me through the motions while listening to this because if you know the two they are good friends always supporting each other but she is definitely the opposite when it comes to having Blackout over in any type of capacity. It does leave a lot to imagination, however in motions I could not do anything else but laugh as she was asking Who is Aisha why is she Bae?? The second in collaboration on this album that is keeping me on my feet is the Subway Cypher ft Mickey Factz & Splitscreen, this brings you back to the old school days where you got off to listening the cyphers whether it was on the subway or somewhere underground but it gave you that feeling that hiphop was here to stay. Mickey being one of the beasts in battle rap he was the best fit for this album.

Although we premiered it on Rawrr a song I will be keeping close to me is Goddess, thank you Blackout for allowing us to premiere it touches upon the female, and how they should treat themselves like a goddess and nothing less. For people that know Blackout and his radio show this is a progression from what many people say and its so appreciated especially in a society when many people are misogonystic and want to bring down the female as sex objects this lifts females such as myself and gives us something to be confident about when we do not feel confident at all.

Without giving it all away I personally loved this album, and I believe you would too especially if you are a fan of old school hip hop and believe it would never die.

Go to to hear the album

follow him on ig : @blkouttherebel

Tune in to our interview with him this Monday after Darkside Radio from 10pm-12am

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