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Seda becomes Indestructible in the next stage of his career.

No more love songs for now for the Bronx native Ismael Seda, Known and loved for his collaborations such as Masterpiece from Phenom , and Complicated from Xeno. Decided to take his new route with his music. Following his interview on Rawrr on October 2nd he discussed taking a more mature route in terms of his music.

If you know Seda's music prior to Indestructible he has written many songs that were about love, breakups, etc.. The latest single Indestructible is more of a pop vibe in which you start to see the evolution of Seda. Written by Seda and produced by Eli Avellan the message of the song gives you the "Whatever doesn't kill you makes you stronger" vibe.

When you listen to it you also want to be in a club dancing along to this making you feel empowered, I currently listen to this everyday on my way to work because it keeps me motivated.

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