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November gets lit with the New Darkside Radio

After an unexpected hiatus from WVMR own Darkside Radio it was recently announced on Loud Silence with Meko Sky and Zoo Tuesdays with Smiley Rodriguez that the latest installment of Darkside Radio will feature model Alexia Castellano and Jack of All Trades Jesslyn Blue. This collaboration was not expected by anyone in the Indiestry that Rawrr had to be the first to report about it. Many wonder what does this mean, will we have the same segments will there be more fuckery? What does it all mean! Read about it in our interview with the members of Darkside Radio :

1) Introduce yourselves, tell us a little bit about yourselves and what you do?

Blackout: I'm Blackout The Rebel. Hip Hop artist from Darkside Jamaica Queens, owner of Darkside Radio. Im also a blogger, event coordinator, host, and dabble in videography, website design, and graphic design.

Jesslyn Blue: My name is Jesslyn Blue, and I am originally from the Jersey Shore. So, Jersey is in the building! I moved up to Newark, NJ years ago to pursue my BA in English and immerse myself in NYC art and culture. I consider myself an artist overall, but I perform poetry, pen books, model, educate our youth, copyedit, host/produce events, read tarot, and am a visual artist. Creatives change the world every day. My goal is to spread knowledge, love, and growth through my chosen art forms.

Lex: My name is Lex. You may know me from the TV show Video City. I'm a model, booking manager for Boss Fam Group, Master of Ceremonies, Video Vixen etc. I also have an amazing company Mafia Girls and Wise Guys Network. It's a talent referral network I created to help get work for photographers, DJ's etc.

2) How did this collaboration come about? What made you ladies want to get involved in radio?

Lex: I've known Blackout for a while. As we've gotten to know each other we figured out we have a lot in common. About a month ago Blackout approached me with the idea of us co-hosting Darkside Radio. I think it's a great opportunity and jumped right on board. I can't wait to talk about music, all things nerd, and of course sports.

Jesslyn Blue: Funny story. The owner of WVMR reached out to me about his last tarot reading I gave him when I interviewed on Jessica B Live. He wanted to update me on how events had unfolded. We got to talking and I mentioned my book, C’est La Vie: The 2ndEdition, and how I’d like to come back to the station to talk about it. A few weeks passed, and he asked me if I’d like to co-host a show! My first reaction was, “My mom used to tell me I’d be perfect for that.” The rest is history.

3)What made you want to come to Darkside Radio of all Radio Shows?

Lex: I've always admired hosts such as Colin Cowherd, Charlemagne, and Angie Martinez. The radio needs someone with a young fresh perspective who isn't afraid to mix it up, making people laugh, and talking with the public about a variety of topics.

Jesslyn Blue: First and foremost, because of WVMR. They have been so supportive and create some of the most dynamic radio shows. Second, because of my co-hosts: Blackout and Alexia! Our chemistry on air is going to be off the wall. Third, when an opportunity presents itself, you can either be the ocean or the lake. I am the ocean.

4) Blackout what made your decision in finding your new cohosts?

When my previous co-hosts left I needed people that were enthusiastic about this " industry" so the first person I had in mind was Alexia because of what she does with her own company, boss fam and etc. Jesslyn was brought to my attention by Mainstream. I trust his opinion and after our first meeting I knew Jesslyn was a perfect fit for DSR.

5) What should we expect from the new Darkside Radio?

Lex: A mix of different topics such as sports, pop culture, news, and what I like to call potpourri. We will also be hosting a lot of events including conventions, concerts, etc.

Jesslyn Blue: Be ready for lots of laughter and touchy topics. If we are anything on air like when we were chilling at the chicken shack, snacking on fries, and going at life round table style – then be ready to wince, laugh, and maybe both at the same time. But fundamentally, this show is here for the artists, the underdogs, and the behind the scenes.

Blackout: Expect a massive increase of energy, Expect us out at many events and just expect the unexpected!

6) What do you think you all can bring to the table going into 2018?

Lex: We are currently working on a merchandise launch. A Darkside concert tour, and lots more to come!

Jesslyn Blue: Alexia is sharp. She is analytical and business minded, but is also woke and a low key freak. Blackout appears to almost be constantly smiling, in on some inner joke, has clear opinions and is ready for anything. I’m a deck of cards: a daydreaming hippie, relentless creative, and lover of sarcasm. We are going to shake the table. They’re going to have to build a new one.

Blackout: I think my charisma and creativity is really gonna catapult us into the forefront of media and entertainment. There's been a lot of things I've been thinking about during this hiatus that's gonna really be a lot of fun to explore and present to the world.

7) Who are you looking forward to interviewing any new segements we should be expecting? Will FBF FGF still be continuing its our favorite here on Rawrr.

Jesslyn Blue: Who am I looking forward to interviewing? I’ll keep that in my back pocket for now. New segments are in the works, but please know we are definitely continuing FBF/FGF. That’s a staple.

Blackout: Yes there will be a LOT new segments and things being discussed due to everyones talents and interests. I'm personally looking to interview a few big names as well as a lot more behind the scenes people along with everyone on the come up from various different backgrounds. Lol #FBF #FGF isn't going anywhere. There will be way more of those. Great thing about this industry/world is that theres never a shortage of fuck shit lol.

8) What is it like having Dj Mainstream as a full time DJ for Darkside Radio? Will he be muting your mics at all this next year?

Jesslyn Blue: It’s going to be a blast and the only time those mics will be muted is for when the music needs to rock. Everyone deserves to go to the bathroom.

Blackout: Mainstream is definitely the big bro. He's been very instrumental in the success of DSR since its inception back in July of last year. He won't be muting us because that would go against what DSR is all about in the first place.

9) Do you feel like it will be difficult balancing your current obligations with being on the radio?

Lex: Not at all. This fits my schedule perfectly, Plus it's the same day as Monday night football, so prepare for random blurbs of sports updates as things happen during the game.

Jesslyn Blue: I feel as if life is one giant balancing act. You need to make sure you do not attempt to balance more than you can. Darkside Radio is my new baby. It’s here to stay. It’s a part of the balance now.

Blackout: Nope! Love what I do here at #ourfnstation lol

10) What's next for Darkside Radio?

Where can we find you guys and if you have anything coming up leave them here.

Lex: You can find me on

IG: @therealamaf

Twitter: amafmanagement

Jesslyn Blue: We hit the air together on Nov. 6th! The anticipation is building. We have trailers and photo shoots planned. The merchandise we are working on is pure fire. I’m ready for some sneakers, is all I’m saying. We’re going to pop up at events and we are planning our own. We’re gearing up. We’ll definitely be dropping in on The Daily Talk Birthday Bash at Blackthorn 51 on Nov. 12th for Cool Chellz birthday.

Stay tuned, my friends!

Twitter: @msjesslynblue

FB/Youtube/Instagram: Jesslyn Blue

Blackout: Well what's next is a little bit of everything. More interviews, more segments, more events, more crazy moments and most of all... More memories. You can always find Darkside Radio at our official website which is

IG @darksideradio

Twitter: @darksideradio_

Snapchat: darksideradio

Email: darkside

YouTube: Darkside Radio

Sound cloud: Darkside Radio

Facebook: Darkside Radio

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