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Its a New Era of Fame as Shes my Type Releases

As many people consider him the latest member of the Thot boys , Ray Fame has been hard at work making himself one of the already nominated Voiceless Music Breakout artists for the 2018 awards. Let us separate the relationship we have with ICMG 2 Deep and Ray Fame because it must be said he has progressed and grown as an artist since he was on Rawrr back in July talking to us about his Paid in Full EP. He has not only progressed and matured as an artist but his music has taken a complete transformation from the artist from Paid in Full to the man having one of the most anticipated singles in the Indiestry today.

The song talking about the girl thats just his type, features fellow label-mate Teddy Grahams, and Saay Park has that smooth listening vibe that will have you bumping on your daily commute and give the females something to look forward to.

Check the Video out featuring the model Cymba.

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