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No more waiting! Full Moon is Finally Here

On the one year anniversary of Katie in the radio industry, from the conception of LNK Radio to its current stage Monday Night Rawrr we have encountered so many talented artists. But then there are those that possess the raw talent and passion that us personalities look but rarely find. Recently we came across an artist by the name of X-YLE. The artist ally of the infamous AMG crew for whom we love so much, we can now understand why they intertwine musically, the best only roll with the best. They truly do compliment each other when they hit the X-YLE Queens native has found his musical nitch and we saw that during Rawrr where he freestyled for us but his entire project blew us away.

Before we touch on the premise and our thoughts of the project lets talk about the amazing listening party that was put together by X-YLE himself and his amazing management Tay Steward. The event was an intimate gathering in which the few and the finest were selected to come and listen to the project, and to give their honest feedback. Amongst those were Host Moberry of All Things Entertaining , Dashdabi the photographer, and Mr. Ruben J. Burgos of the Urban Media Global Network Collective. Performances include Hou$ Da Beast performing his latest single Put In That Work , and Plata o Plomo. The night went off without a hitch, X-YLE performed to his music and he received amazing feedback from the crowd.

Finally as we proceed to the final portion of this piece, the album was a representation of who X-YLE is as an artist. As artists go through their transitions and their maturing process as an artist he was no different. As described by many he had a different sound and his look described his different sound. As many were used to his previous look and music many took to this and enjoyed the new age of X-YLE.

The project a 13 song compilation had features from Hou$ Da Beast, Kyah Baby, Thirdplaneprez, and even an unexpected feature from Leon Marin. The LP had many of those upbeat motivational songs that would keep you going such as Keep Up . Keep up was one of the premiered songs that we had when X-YLE came to the show. It motivates you in order to keep going and to keep hustling. Which is one of his main focuses in life is to keep striving to succeed.

In Here the current single off the album is highly favored by us here at Rawrr for its high pace beat and its you dont hear so many collaborations with such a prominent female sound its very refreshing especially with the outspoken sound of Kyah baby the trifecta was a perfect start to launch the Full Moon Project.

Love Crazy is one of my personal favorites, its different from the majority of the project. He has a more deep seductive sound in this talking about the effect someone has on him. Listening to this song would have you love crazy over him.

If you havent done it thus far go download / stream Full Moon LP on all digital platforms. Catch his music on our Rawrrs #Whatnottoplayduringthanksgivingdinner playlist on WVMR from 12-2pm and follow him on Instagram @xylenyc

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