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Nequasia releases Rewind as a Gift to Us for Her Birthday

Nequasia the queen of the indie scene had yet to put a single out since her releases of Hella Bent (and remixes) , Sexii You, and What you want in the beginning of 2017. With her remixes and her latest shoots she has kept us waiting in anticipation of her latest song Rewind which dropped on Nequasia's birthday this past Sunday the 19th. We loved it so much we premiered it alongside S-Rock - Real Ones

Different from her previous releases Nequasia brings an Island pop feel in which this industry has lacked over the last few months. The song has you wanting to rewind and whine to the beat while falling in love with her Melodic voice. We wonder was this song dedicated to a special someone? Hmmmmm. This song some has a more mature feel from her previous tracks, and we look forward to hearing more from her.

If you want to hear it for yourself check her out on soundcloud

Follow her on Instagram @nequasia

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