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2018 is in S-Rock's favor as he releases new music

Known as the man of many hats, the owner of Rockview Entertainment, brand ambassador for The Peel beverage, co-owner of WVMR. S-Rock or also known as TitanOfRap has started to cause quite a stir in this industry for his many business ventures but more importantly his music; Our crystal ball predicts that his music will be his most favored venture by the public as 2018 approaches with the recent releases of his new music.

The business mogul hit us with his music once again first with the release of the summer hit Do Ya Money Dance produced by former Jessica B Live host TahRell, with the first MC in the underground leading the #DoyaMoneyDanceChallenge Trend. Following the Thanksgiving Season your favorite hosts at Rawrr premiered one of his latest songs Real Ones produced by Swiss Frankie.

Real Ones relates to women and if they are going to waste their time with a man they should do it for one that is going to give their time for that female, put in the effort for the relationship and not leave them stranded. With a powerful message he also made it easy to bump too with a hip hop dance beat.

S-Rock recently just released a collaboration with R & B singer Lucious that should be checked out as well called More Than Ya Best Friend produced by M8Beats. Unexpected as that collaboration was it was a breath of fresh air in a world of hiphop and mumble rap. The two artists although from different genres of music their collaboration flowed like a melody, the song relates to everyone that has that best friend that they know they should be with but through their many obstacles they are not together. How many of you can relate to this?

Although nothing is confirmed for a project from the indie business mogul, we are very excited to see what is yet to come from him. We at Monday Night Rawrr vibe with these songs and if you do not you should be.

Listen here

If you haven't followed S-Rock follow him on all social media platforms.

Ig: @titanofrap

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You can catch S-Rock as one of the highlighted artists for the Give Back Show Friday December 15th at the Shileleigh Tavern

Proceeds go towards the Sarcoma Foundation in honor of Shawn Saguid

Buy your tickets and come see him live

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