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Le Llegate gives a New Name to the Game

After a long and anticipated wait former Monday Night Rawrr and S3 Radio guest ARP produces the visual to his latest track Le Llegate. The Washington Heights in the industry for quite a while has taken a leap in his music since being apart of his former collective the Blues Brovas and he has shown that he is a force to be reckoned with. Le Llegate in english means Do You Copy? As he is taking a stance as the new king of the industry.

Whats even more amazing about the visual to his video he gives a little insight to the beauty that is the Dominican Republic. The video produced by Rusty Mack takes the viewer on a narrative of his home of Puerto Plata. Not only that he also has the local natives apart of the video making it even more genioune to the thought.

ARP as an aritst stays genioune to where he is from, although the song Le Llegate has a rap / latin trap feel you still see he brings the genioune feel of his home to the video. The song and video also inspires you to keep grinding. If you dont believe us watch it here.

Follow him at @arpmusiq

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