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The Holidays get Seductive as JR Just Real puts out a new video

Hold on to your panties ladies, the vocalist from ICMG/2deep is back this holiday season just to make sure you have something to get soaked with this Christmas season. Following his amazing performance at the #GiveBackShow friday, former Voiceless Music Vocalist of the year JR Just Real followed through on a promise that he would bring us fire Friday Dec 22nd. He did with the video for his latest single off Reality Check, So Seductive.

So Seductive the second single by the young vocalist has caused quite a storm, let me correct myself 2017 was the year for JR. From the interviews on WVMR and other platforms to the nominations, covers, collaborations and videos the young gentleman from the Bronx made sure that before the year is over you will remember his name. The video a very redlight hot depiction of his lust for a certain someone has taken toll of what a new age lust is. Through the direction of the Secret Society Motion Pictures and Envisioned by Denity this video will make you feel what JR is trying to depict in his video, now your reactions may be different after watching the whole thing but I am sure you will be thinking of someone once you watch this video.

Don't believe me well check it out here! Congratulations on another successful video JR and here's to an amazing new year for you. We hope we can be there to see you shine even more.

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