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Chicago's on Fire as Kenyadda pays Homage

Some might remember the music of Kenyadda when we premiered his music on our former show LNK Radio. The Chicago Native recently released his sophmore mixtape Homage in which he shows homage to those before him as well as putting his unique twist on those that have been put out and make it as his own. What we love about Kenyadda here at Rawrr is he has such a unique style that many do not see on this side of the industry. The chicago native takes the vibes of those that come before him and mixes it with his lyricism and gives you something to bump too while you ride your car any time any day.

To many the young native might remind you of a young Biggie, or even a little bit of Chris Rivers

Our favorite songs here are : Tainted , Different feat L.A Van Gogh and D.A.B.S (2012)

We see many things coming from this young talented man

you can get a physical copy off his facebook or you can stream it here on soundcloud

follow him on instagram : @kenyadda

Live on the Live 365 App (Click to Listen) and On Our Website Below (1).png
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