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The King of New York drops two singles to bring fire to the year

Last night on Monday Night Rawrr we had the honor and the privilege to debut two of ICMG 2 Deep Kony Brooks music that is to be released on January 12th.

The two songs are sparking a new era of Kony's music, one a a dance seductive hit in Waistrainer , the other strong and powerful having you want to rep your borough and get you feeling like a titan when you walk down the streets in Rough.

Did I mention that the song Rough is featuring the one and only Mickey Factz? This is one banger you do not want to miss!

We dont wan't to give too much away without spoiling the songs for you. But come January 12th you must go to all streaming devices, order the single and show support for these two amazing tracks. Tell us what you think comment under the post on Facebook.

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