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Chef Chrissy stirred the pot for us here at Rawrr

We normally bring the heat every Monday on Monday Night Rawrr, but this past Monday the heat was brought by our illustrious and extremely talented guest Chef Chrissy Williams, Chef Extraordinaire. Sister of hometeam's own Phil Williams aka Scorpio P. graced us with her presence and spoke to us about her life, cooking, even her relationship at home with her brother, family, and what she has learned.

If anyone wonders Scorpio P. does help his sister with the cooking and his her assistant chef. He is even a darling and helps her clean the dishes. But that besides the point, this is not about him. Chef Chrissy really killed her interview with us, first of all she loves Mac and Cheese and she won our hearts like that. She is a Mac and Cheese connoisseur and she definitely loves to make it. She did not make mac and cheese for us but she did make us a beautiful Chicken Alfredo in which both Katie and Dj Cmurda consumed with happy hearts and stomachs.

Many people do not stomach alfredo or have some type of dislike for it. We do not understand why, maybe the generic Alfredo is heavy. Not this one!!!!! Chef Chrissy's alfredo was so light and creamy and pulling it apart you can see the deliciousness between it. We do not know what were the spices that she put with the chicken but it tasted so good. Maybe Chef Chrissy can comment on this post and elaborate with us. The chicken grilled to perfection was mixed into the pasta and was the perfect addition to the dinner.

We think you need to message Chef Chrissy Williams on instagram @chef_chrissy_williams and place some orders now.

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