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Pick up Lines Acoustic has the Women going Crazy for Jenni Fair

If you thought you didn't get enough of the incomparable Jenni Fair with her first video for Pick Up Lines you then did not see the video for Pick up Lines Acoustic . Men this will make you want to step your game up. Many women will leave you for Jenni.

This video different from the original where you had Jenni in her oldies funk swag, reminding many of us of Bruno Mars in that beautiful suit. Jenni takes this video to a more intimate setting a rehearsal studio.

The beginning of the video sets the tone for the entire compilation as there was a gentleman trying to gain the attention of a certain female but through many unsuccessful attempts , the female was creeped out. After a few minutes she runs into Jenni and the rest is history. This is one of my favorite videos put out by an independent artist thus far. She takes her music and makes the videos so relate able to us.

If you do not believe us watch below

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