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Voiceless Music Entertainment Breaks their latest signee with a new single.

He stirred the pot up last year with his album A L.O.V.E Story, after going into hiding for a significant amount of time, Michael Bostic not only releases a new single Give you the World with someone we did not expect, Rockview Entertainment CEO S-Rock. The R&B singer collaborated with the Titan of Rap in producing something that can be the reinvention of R&B.

The collaboration flowing like rhyme and melody, discusses the love that you will have for a special someone and that together they can do anything as long as you give him the chance, despite the differences and the troubles as they may face. A man like me is going to make mistakes I know its no excuse but we shouldn't be this way . It is his eternal plea for someone he loves. It brings you back to the soul that R&B had back in the day, something that some of today's artist lack.

What is amazing about this collaboration is they compliment each other. It isn't so often you see someone of Bostic's style collaborating with a hip hop artist but between S-Rock swagg, lyrical flow, and his verse the two created a number one hit.

When discussing the latest signee and the track to owner of Voiceless Music Entertainment DJ Mainstream he stated "Michael Bostic is more than a friend, he's a brother. And if you can't win with people who are like family, then you won't be able to win at all. My goal with Mike is simple: resurrect R&B."

Tune into the renaissance of R&B and see what happens with this talented artist

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