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Meet the Young Rebel causing a stir in the Indiestry - Ant The Rebel

Student of Syracuse college, the young man known as Anthony Obas made a stir in the indiestry under the tutelage of the Voice of the Voiceless himself DJ Mainstream within the time span of less than a year this young man has made himself a prominent figure in the industry as a writer, contributor, Dj, and event planner.

The young man starting marketing at Syracuse University has shown great strides as an innovator in his field that he was named as Monday Night Rawrr's Interim head of Social Media Content and Management. Promotions for Monday Night Rawrr will be handled by this talented and capable young man. He made such great strides he is content contributor of the Voiceless Music blog and brand. Between his dedication to people, the artists, and those around him he is the epitomy of what we want the future of this industry to be.

On January 13th the Young Rebel (name given to him from Blackout The Rebel) curated his first event Claim the Throne at Harlem Knights which was the stepping stone for his throne. With the amazing talent that touched the stage such as Magesty the Rebel, and J. Garc this bill was known to be one of the finest for Voiceless Music.

Hosted by the lovely Cool Chellz and music by the infamous DJ Mainstream. The family at WVMR which included Scorpio P aka Phil Williams and Nazin Rivera hosts of S3Radio (Saturday 7-9pm) , Katie Kay of Monday Night Rawrr , Live Johnson, and of course Co-Owner of WVMR and Owner of Rockview Entertainment S-Rock was in attendance of this event with Rockview Model Ray Beauty.

Although we could not have been there for the entire event we managed to get an interview with the awesomeness that is Ant The Rebel. Read Below

1) Tell our readers who are you? Where are you from and what do you do?

My name is Anthony Obas, and I am just a normal kid from Harlem. I do everything related to music. I do radio, write blogs, promote music, and advise artists. It was only right for me to try coordinating an event.

2) What are you studying and where? Do you participate in any activities related to music in college?

I am studying Marketing at Syracuse University with a possible minor in Entrepreneurship. In school, I am involved in the independent scene here at Syracuse. Through my radio station, we conduct events to showcase these artists.

3) How did you get involved with WVMR and the Voiceless Music Brand?

I got involved with WVMR through a referral from a friend. He said, "Obas, you don't need a popular radio, just find a starting point." It was then he gave me the info to WVMR and I became an intern for WVMR. It was only a few months later that DJ Mainstream(John Ari Caul) introduced me to Voicelessmusic. It was only right since I advocated for independent & unsigned artists.

4) Where did your love of music come from?

It came from my childhood. I remember the first album I listened to was Nas "Stilmatic". My coach played it in the car and the lyricism and delivery was insane from Nas. I was curious to see if any other artists were just like Nas. It was then I dived into the realm of music.

5) How do you feel about independent music versus the mainstream music?

There's abundant of independent artists from all genres, but not enough mainstream. I want to break these artists so that they can live their dream.

6) How do you feel about the current state of hiphop and the revival of some of the classic hiphop that has been emerging in NY over the last few months?

It is definitely not in a bad situation, but I really think that there needs to be more diversity in sound. There too much mumble rap and little conscious rap. There needs to be a balance between both worlds.

7) Tell us about your latest event?

Claim The Throne was my very first event. It consisted of 8 independent artists from all over New York. Roseline, Darry Gambino, Shavar, Johar, Dev11n, IllestTae, Maddadan, and J.Garc were all present and ready to take the Throne. The stage is for these artists I believe, and I wanted them to get their money.

8) How did you feel about putting your very first event together?

It was a calm. I got the job done. At first, I was nervous, shitting my pants as usual. However, once I saw the artists giving their hearts out. I knew it would be fine and it turned out to be a success.

9) If you had to change certain things about the event what would it be?

Oh definitely, would love to make the event 18+ so I can incorporate college students. However, we all know how these NYC venues be. I would also improve on promotion. I think there could have been better promotion leading to the event.

10) Who were your favorite acts of the night?

I didn't have a favorite act to be honest. Each person gave me a different feel. I felt passion, grief, sorrow,and happiness. It was a diverse line and each artist touched me differently.

11) Do you see yourself more involved in hosting events in the foreseeable future?

Hell No. I like being in front of the crowd, but I don't like talking a lot. Host have to talk a lot and have personality. I have those characteristics, but I would rather be the guy who said they put the whole show together.

Follow him on instagram @anthony_obas

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