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2018 is the Landmark Year for BBP own Scorpio P.

2017 might have been the stepping stone for BBP artist Scorpio P. But the artist from Queens NY has taken his talents and excelled to numerous levels since the release of his EP StreetFood.

Since the release of StreetFood, Scorpio has participated in many events including Rawrr's own GiveBack Show , The Hartlem Festival , Even Rockview Entertainment's Mega Jam this past February. The young Scorpio also released the visual for his single Mother's Son.

However this year, Scorpio P took a different and unexpected route in his music with the form of collaborations and a remake. With the help of Rockview owner S-Rock , Joe the Poet and other collaborations that have yet to be released; Scorpio released two remixes for his hit song Black Magic which featured Joe the Poet. Week later he released the One for the Ages Remix featuring Mr. S-Rock himself which tore the roof on the station as a whole. While dropping his own rendition of Power Trip from J-Cole on Valentines Day.

What is amazing about these three songs it brings out different sides of Scorpio P. The remixes not only enhance the song but it gives more of a different story behind the music than what was originally portrayed. It also shows growth in the artist. In reference to Power Trip we also hear a creative twist in his music as he plays the saxaphone in the record. This is an admirable trait in artists, Scorpio P is never afraid to reinvent and think outside of the box.

If he had put such powerful records thus far can you imagine what his album will be like?

This is why we are naming Scorpio P.'s Rawrr's most innovative artist for 2017-2018.

Follow Scorpio P. on instagram @mrphilliams

Remember Rawrr comes back bigger and better APRIL 9TH!

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