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Cyrus Bagz got us wanting to chase the bag with his visual for Bagz

It is very rare for some people to break into the industry and have such a success. At the age of 17 the young artist is opening for names such as Migos and Cardi B, and is continuing to strive for greatness. The artist is also the youngest signed to Millenium Records.

His latest video Bagz, he is flaunting his well deserved successes while having a playful feel to it as well, his bars are 100% when talking about the bag. The director behind this video brought the vision of the video to life, and makes you want to chase the bag in order to live the life like that. If your an 80's / 90's kid you will appreciate the Ferris Bueler theme as it is portrayed throughout the film.

Make sure you keep a lookout for this young star. He is going to make moves. We would love to have him on Rawrr one night. He can tell us his thoughts about getting the bag.

Follow him everywhere @CyrusSmithMusic

Monday Night Rawrr comes back better than ever on April 9th stay tuned.

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