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Richard Pigkaso gives the Industry the X Factor in There are Always Strings attached

Many know him as the yoyo man always dazzling people at performances with his yoyo tricks and immaculate performances. Former Give Back Show performer Richard Pigkaso came to Monday Night Rawrr on December 18th 2017 and told us to expect the unexpected from his latest project There are Always Strings Attached, and boy was he right.

The album which dropped on the Bronx artist 30 birthday gave us the unexpected with features from ShaaisLike , Kwoat , O Status , Kota the Friend and Efrain Opus to say the least. There has been a variety of immense talent on this album, and with the immense talent it compliments the extroverts musical style and personality. While many compare him to the outlandish styles of the 1990's Slim Shady Eminem. Pigkaso has taken his talent and brought it to a new level. His latest project carved his stature as an artist in the underground industry.

We have a few favorites off the album you should definately check out.

- Oh My God (feat Kwoat)

- Die Alone (feat Shaislike)

- Bronx Dreams (feat Laurelle)

- No Freedom

- Painting Pictures

The words that come out of his mouth relate to his life as well as what is going on in the world around us. From his personal return the artist has you wondering from talking about speaking clearly, having a girl blowing you while you play super mario to how the police show no respect and segregate the African Americans in this culture. I applaud Richard for this project it really has you in your thoughts thinking about things that really matter while at the same time it has you jamming.

This is streaming on all music platforms everywhere. Remember the video for No Freedom is on youtube right now.

Follow him on Instagram @richieluvsyoyos

Facebook :

If you do not follow him your a dub

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