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Zeyi has us saying Amen with his latest release

The gentlemen of Mor Value are an illustrious group led by Nigel Scott Morris. They might not always be in the spotlight but it does not mean they aren't working. The last time Rawrr spotted our subject of the day Zeyi was around Christmas for a holiday song that made all the girls wishing they were under the mistletoe with him.

Last night the Mor Value artist posted the visual to his latest track Amen and does it have you questioning religion and our way of life. The video directed by Anthony Sylvester has you picturing religion as a trip and I dont mean vacation trip; the type of trip you have when you had too many sandwiches (How I Met Your Mother Fans will understand this reference). The graphics and effects had Zeyi at various points looking like a hallucination. As a whole the song has you thinking about the relationship with yourself and your relationship with religion and at times especially during the hard times maybe you want to just throw your hands up do a prayer and scream Amen!

Check this video out on Youtube and follow Zeyi on Instagram @ZeyiSays

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