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Frank Knight Never Fails to Deliver with his Latest Video of Look at Me

With only two weeks of its release and 495 views on youtube later. The Killmonger of the indie scene Frank Knight is continuing to prove that he and Mor Value are not to be slept on. The lyrical giant hailing from Brooklyn is making a stance in his latest in studio visual along side international DJ Dj Poska. Knights tone and delivery is what sells not only this visual and track but everything he produces.

Edited, recorded, and directed by Mic Dee the effects and the visual compliments Knight's lyrical vision in the video. With a dynamic team such as Mic Dee, Mor Value, Frank Knight, and DJ Poska no wonder why Knight has been soaring to the heights that he has. His delivery and presence is unforgettable and we reccomend everyone to watch this and start following Frank Knight everywhere.

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