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Rawrr Spotlight - Nikko Tesla

Many know of him for the infamous DJ drop "Talk your Shit Beloved" but there is more to Queens MC and rapper Nikko Tesla. Born to Sandra Simon back up dancer and nephew to disco legend Gloria Gaynor the lyrical giant was born to a family of music and love.

At the young and tender ages Nikko learned the act of songwriting from his mother Sandra Simon of Simon Said in which she gave him homework to complete before he can continue the next step of his musical studies. While learning songwriting and composing Nikko also learned the love of musical instruments and began to teach himself after watching his family sing. However the lyrical flow constructing the talent he is today came from listening to Nas and constructing his words from there.

As he continued to grow he had worked with collectives and has won numerous awards. His passion and drive continues to exhume through the air he breathes. He does not care about the standard that the INDIEstry has posed and is not afraid to speak his mind. He currently has a distribution for spotify and continues to work wonders with some of today's top artists.

The young artist has released Judy's Gone in February of 2018 which has surpassed over 2000 spins within the first week of it's release. Judy's Gone describes loosing a love after making a mistake, something all of us can relate to. What stands out about the track is that Tesla is very versatile from his tough and gritty rap to a slow rap with a melodious voice that is Jayce Hightower. Tesla has not only become a name in this industry for himself but he has become a role model and he looks out for others.

Check out Judy's Gone on audiomac and follow him on Instagram @izone_nikko

Monday Night Rawrr returns on April 9th with VDP Kony Brooks and Bizzy Bee make sure you follow us on all social media platforms for more info.

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