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All Hail the King is the New Era of Kony Brooks

Many think of Kony Brooks as leader of the Thot Boys, the person you do not want in your mother's bedroom, and the owner of ICMG 2 Deep. For the last year he was always behind the scenes since his release of Kony Island 2 although he was performing and doing interviews promoting the Thot Boys and singles put out by members of ICMG 2 Deep he was also building what can possibly be his best album to date.

The Album to be released on May 31st the day of Brooks Birthday has features from Pretty Girl First , Mickey Facts , Jr Just Real and more.. With four singles having premiere on Rawrr we see great promise in the Bronx King.

We write about him today because we had a sneak peek to the young mogul's listening session a month ago, and we seen many changes from what we normally see and we hear things we did not expect. Certain tracks had us in tears. Seems like he had so much on his mind for so long hes finally letting it out, and by the looks of it we will all love it. It is a more mature and serious Kony Brooks, I honestly welcome it especially since we are in a world where everyone looks for themselves and forget everyone else.

As a person that has worked with him I look forward to the release of the album, I look forward to listening to the project and intently studying it. If you have overlooked Kony Brooks before you definately will not once All Hail The King is out.

Follow Kony Brooks everywhere @konybrooks

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