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Its a Cinco De Mayo surpise as Meko Sky releases a New Song

When it comes to Ei8th Productions you never know what to expect honestly. Nequasia can get Hella Bent and try to Rewind, Quest will pill pop and there will be Love and Consequence but no one knows what is really up with the group when they will put new music, drop a visual, or put a remix. It makes their music even more amazing. With the stroke of 12 on Cinco de Mayo leader of Ei8th Meko Sky releases a new song Distance.

Unclear as to who he is seeking distance from or if the track is based on life events but the Bronx MC has taken it a little of a dance track that you can groove too while at home getting ready for that night out. At the same time makes you realize about the times you've put distance to things or people not good for you.

What I love personally about Meko's music is that its very raw and personal while at the same time he has a subtle sound so you would understand the meaning without having to really search for the meaning. With 2.08k likes on audiomack we see that many agree with my opinions.

Listen to this track online and more on audiomac

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