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B.Morgan Reminds us How Much We Love our Mothers in Salute You

"Blessed is a mother that would give up part of her soul for her children's happiness ." - Shannon L. Alder

As all blogs from Monday Night Rawrr there are always personal insight coming from us. Growing up with no father I had learned my mother was both my mother and father. She made so many sacrifices for me to be who I am today from giving up a meal for herself to leaving a great job with Georgios hairstyle chain and even at one point Giorgio Armani for a job that would provide benefits for her children and her two nephews that she raised since she was seventeen years old. If you thought Katie Kay was a pain in the a** now imagine as a kid. Watching B.Morgan's video for Salute you made me be so grateful to come from the rib that is my mother.

Former Monday Night Rawrr guest did give us the heads up when he was going to California magic will be made and he held on his promise. The tribute to all women in this video will make you really tear and think about the importance and the power that all females give to their loved ones and more. The timing and execution of this was perfect as he had dropped it on May 13th (mother's day). The Mor Value signee is winning with a single such as this, its not only the fact the song has the potential of an amazing hit but at the same time he has such conviction and the passion within the track itself that it resonates deep inside your soul. Plus heres a spoiler for a ladies, you get to see the Mor Value CEO Scott Morris in a suit brace yourselves ladies!!

But don't take my word for it watch the video now and follow B. Morgan on Instagram @iambmorgan

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