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Fox Sports Analyst Gives Back with The King Movement

Photo by Katie Kay Photography

Recently myself alongside ICMG 2 Deep own Ray Fame and Rockview's own S-Rock and Raybeauty attended the Power is Industry Event powered by Power 105 and had many notable names such as Platinum Producer Amadeus , Ruff Ryders Drag On, and more. What stood out to us the most outside of his wisdom and thoughts on the current standing of the NBA was his discussion on his program the King Movement.

The mission of the program according to their website is to Empower Men to reach our God-given potential in every realm of life through the power and grace of the Lord Jesus Christ. To help us become husbands, fathers, leaders, citizens and role models god created us to be. To Present to our families, communities, nation and world an image of men as God-Fearing, family -oriented, moral,. loving, intelligent, responsible and productive. Lastly, To Glorify the Most High God by walking in true Biblical manhood.

The Board includes not only Broussard but Allan Houston of the New York Knicks , Dwight Howard Senior father of Dwight Howard JR , former Olympic Gold Medal winnder Michael Redd former NBA Allstar with the Milwaukee Bucks , Sports Anchor Michael Smith and more..

In lament terms the King program started by Broussard is a program to help our kids stay off the street which is absolutely amazing, because as much as we had youth programs when we were in high school they did not give us as much attention as we needed in order to be well rounded individuals in today's society. The King program is devoted to giving these individuals a platform to express themselves as well as fight the battle that is racism. That is an amazing thing for young adults to take a stance like that in a world that lets things like that slide. The King movement also works through music, these young artists are expressing themselves through music check out their latest youtube video.

For more information on the King Movement go to

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