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June has marked the evolution of Live Johnson

It has been the summer of the hip hop renaissance as the Living Legend from Lefrak Queens has transformed from the quiet overlooked graphic designer / artist to the powerhouse producer, artist , graphic designer and overall stronger human being. His latest

release Living Legend is not only the next step of his artistic career but it is an album from the heart discussing his hardships and feelings since his almost departure from the music scene over a year ago.

The ten track compilation with two bonus tracks that can only be purchased with the advance tickets to his release party has a storyline in which he talks about his inner most feelings on life as well as his thoughts on todays state of the indie industry and social issues that we speak.

Our favorite tracks will include Keep it Moving, Giving Up, and Voiceless featuring Scorpio P as well as songstress Nikki Owens who also plays Farah on the webseries lips.

Keep it Moving and Giving up coincide with each other, Giving Up describes Live's feelings in terms of the adversities he has faced and how many people feel the same way that he does. As he progressed in his musical journey over the last year and a half he developed a sense of confidence in which he has allowed the adversities and the negativity past him and he decides to Keep it Moving, it is an anthem to those that go through so much and how to keep pushing no matter how hard it is.

Voiceless is an anthem, with Live Johnson and Scorpio P describing the silence that many of us had faced in terms of racism, depression, and more with Nikki Owens being the voice crying out through the silence tied both of the sentiments of the two artists together. Their recent performance at the release party showed how much music is such a powerful outlet and that if we all use our voices and not allow ourselves to be voiceless maybe we can make a difference.

You need to download and buy Live Johnsons album and stay tuned for his latest promotional tour coming up.

Follow Live Johnson everywhere at @iamlivejohnson and go to

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