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What is happening to our society?

As a first generation Greek American I have come to notice the differences in how my generation was raised as opposed to the generations prior to myself as well as the generations that have come after me. Our parents have been raised in rural strict environments and have been taught to be have in certain ways as well as live immensely in their culture and to value family over everything. It sickens me to see how today's society has turned out. Preparing for our interview and discussion with the cast of The Ave I have come to reflect on current events and how things could have been changed and current thoughts.

If you have not seen The Ave on Amazon Prime and or YouTube it discusses the lives of young men in Brownsville Brooklyn that look to better their lives following their harmful decisions of their pasts coming to haunt them. In an interview with PIX11 he describes their struggle of the young men wanting to better their lives for themselves and their families while at the same time the show describes the struggles of suicide, depression, peer pressure and everyday conversations that the world has felt uncomfortable to speak about today.

Although its inspiring to see people like Bobby Ashley take a stand and talk about current and relevant issues we must think about what is currently going on in todays society that has provoked responses such as The Ave show. We may start with recent events, the shooting of Lesandro JR Guzman a fifteen year old who was killed to malicious intent and mistaken identity. When talking about this shall we start with the ignorance of the murderous killers , or those including the store owners and the police.

Lesandro JR Guzman had been called to go to a bodega to repay five dollars he owes, to only be discovered by the trinitarios mistaking him for someone that had recorded the sexual conducts of the girlfriend of one of the members. After the young woman was caught in sexual actions she informed the brothers as well as the boyfriend of the teenager that she was being raped; when in fact she partook in the sexual activities with consent.

Lesandro who was an explorer with the NYPD was seeking refuge within the bodega in the Bronx where the 8 individuals dragged him over the counter and stabbed him with machettes one of them was in the neck. After he tried to make his way to the local hospital he collapsed in which individuals were on their phone recording instead of seeking medical attention for the 15 year old. He was later pronounced dead and the life of his mother has changed ever since.

My question is what happened to the parents that disciplined their children? Our mothers did not allow us to have certain freedoms at such a young age and they taught us from right and wrong despite no matter who may harm us. As a female and a rape victim I am ashamed of the young lady that put Junior in that position that took his life, as a woman you are to have more respect for yourself and your body despite your age. If a woman chooses to get involved in a sexual relationship at any age you must be responsible and be able to handle it yourselves if not CLOSE YOUR LEGS! It is very simple. With every action there is an equal an opposite reaction, due to one lie a young life will never go to prom, will never get to get married will never get to enjoy life. We continue to blame the killers and the female but what happened to the parents that raised these kids, why are we not teaching our children the values that were put upon us by our parents. What happened to the culture and traditions that we pass on that way our children have a sense of right and wrong. Instead of parents leaving their children home with their grandparents so they can go drink and have fun with their friends why are we not spending time with them, keeping up with their school work and activities, not allowing these children to be in the streets or to have their noses and eyeballs in their phones. Parents you see the example that is made here that in the end of the day ten lives have been ruined and one has been taken away at such an early age. What is happening here in society? GET OFF YOUR ASSES AND DO SOMETHING BEFORE ITS TOO LATE.

As per the individuals that were recording him and not doing anything why would someone sit there and watch. If you see someone getting hurt the initial reaction would be to call the police , help a person bleeding to receive medical help. Do not sit there using your phone to record it on the live feed, do not allow something to happen we need to take action. We are all so self absorbed that nothing else matters. That is disgusting. Why must we have blinders on just to save our sorry asses and just continue living. Everyone must realize that 30 years ago we did not have social media, cellphones, and technology as a whole. We should have taught our children to be able to be sufficient with or without technology.

Open your eyes forget about the petty bullshit , stop trying to step up to someone to show that your better than them.

It truly isnt worth it. We are hurting people and getting killed in the process everyday lets bring humanity back lets not downgrade our society more than we are, let fix the problem not be the problem.

Thank you the Avenue series for opening our eyes and helping us really evaluate things.

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