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Teddy Grahams shows us its Never too Much for a Thot Boy Summer

We first saw releases by JR Just Real, Ray Fame, and Kony Brooks in the 2017-2018 season now we are gearing up as the Alpha Thot of the Thot Boys Teddy Grahams has released the second single since the release of his album in 2016.

We heard his pro Black Love and Equality stance on Black Love giving us that 90s throwback vibe while giving us love for the melanin. Now he made us realize he can never be too much for us in his single Never Too Much , which serves to be self explanatory is he too much for you girl? Musically we just want more.

Since its release in the beginning of this month the single alone has raised the minimum 500 streams between media outlets. The goal for the young tycoon to reach 10K streams seems fairly easy as Black Love has 4,750 alone on soundcloud, trailing behind the notorious Thot Boy anthem Back it Up that is pulling 347K. Whatever he promotes turns to gold.

Ladies you want to let him and Kony show you if they too much, listen to the track today catch the seductive beat as Teddy and Kony lay it down. This track will have you dancing to the beat telling him you with the shits.

Help Teddy Grahams get over 10,000 streams on all platforms and follow him @iamteddygrahams77

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