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The Return of Nikki Owens Starts with What If

You may know her as Farrah from the hit web series Lips ( Love Inside Prevails ), but many have seem to have forgotten that before she was Farrah, she was Nikki Owens songstress extraordinaire. Her melodical voice have those hypnotized after one harmony. She has made her triumphant return to music last week as she released her highly anticipated single since her 2012 single Get With You. After so many years she has not let us down, her latest single featuring Frontlyne Records own X-YLE is a RnB smash having you reminisce in what RNB is supposed to be.

The song featuring XYLE describes what happens when you wonder about a friend, if they can be more than the best friend and what their life would be like if they were with each other. The song will have you in your feelings and contemplating what if with a special someone.

Welcome Back NIkki Owens we expect nothing but success from you!

Listen to What if Here

Follow Nikki Owens @nikkiomusic Follow XYLE at @xylenyc

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