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#RawrrPicks The Gauntlet Series Hookz Murdock

We know of Hookz Murdock as the Staten Island rap genius who wowed us with his original work The Adventures of Hookz Murdock, in which he portrayed himself as the protagonist and each track was a different battle / storyline for our young hero.

Since its immaculate success in streams and crowd reaction, Hookz Murdock himself had given us another surprise, a new project. As a result of the Avengers Infinity War release, the young MC put out the Gauntlet series. The 22 minute compilation shows us the versatility and the lyricism of this young artist. Before getting into the music let applaud the artist who brought the vision to life with the old comic book feel of Thanos and the infinity stones.

While he teased us with the Mind and Space stones during the early to mid part of 2018 the rest of the stones were not presented to us. Power which was one of our favorites was presented to us in the full mix tape. Power having that smooth boom bap feel and lyrical flow is empowering showing he has the power. That no one will shelve him and he will keep fighting.

But what really had the attention of us here at Rawrr was the collaborations by himself and Jerry Milo brought the bars and the truth in his track “Reality”.

Follow him everywhere at @hookzmurdock

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