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#RawrrPicks Kony Brooks - Waistrainer

It has been the year for the self proclaimed King of New York himself Kony Brooks . He went from being the underdog in the industry to one of the most respected artists on the scene. His latest album All Hail The King which released in May of 2018 was a stepping stone for the young artists career, with that he has made numerous appearances at events, made the covers of magazines and more recently was on Shade 45 for the Kay Slay show. The most important thing the MC has done in our opinion was bring his music to life. Recently he has dropped the visual for his single Waistrainer.

Directed by Teddy Grahams, the visual has taken place in a gym showing the ladies working hard at the gym while illustrating the visual while the MC himself is the coach for the ladies. Who wouldn’t want Kony Brooks to be their waistrainer after watching this video? The best thing about these two working together on the visuals as well as the music is they seem to get the grasp of what each other need visually as well as musically. He never seems to go wrong directing the video.

We cant wait to see what else Kony Brooks and the rest of the ICMG 2 Deep family have in store for us

Follow him on instagram @konybrooks

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