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#RawrrPicks - J. Garc Tonight

J. Garc formally known as Long Island's Fresh Prince stepped on the scene way before Katie Kay was even a name, and has continued to keep us bumping to his smooth, and sometimes his adventurous sounds. Now a days the artist from Long Island has been surprising us with a little experimentation . From Lose my Mind to , R4TN we have the latest piece of magic Tonight.

Tonight is a combination of both his smooth styles, mixed with the EDM / trance sounds provided by Itsthebee. The production of this song took Garc to a new plateau not only as a rapper but a singer and a writer. The freshness of his sound is something the hip hop community should look out for. He is the example for artists to not be afraid of going out of your comfort zone.

Video for the single to be released soon.

Follow him everywhere @garcityblues

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