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#RawrrPicks - The Silent Celeb Slide

The Silent Celeb is back at it , the songstress from the Bronx and one of the long standing members of the musical renaissance is back to showing us why she is the real celebrity here.

Her latest song and visual Slide featuring Red D Daz is setting her apart from her normal musical styling but its a refreshing taste of fresh air. Shot by Invisible Imagery the video took place in a beautiful loft, which set the tone for the house party where Celeb woos the girl on the dance floor. Whats interesting about this song and video is after hearing Celeb’s musical styling her RNB and sometimes outspokenness (i.e Good Music) we seen a transformation in her musical style, first with her collaboration with Nova November, then her remake of Touch me Please me featuring Kony Brooks and first where she has integrated more hip hop into her music, and currently her collaboration with RedDDaz shows she can transform her music to be adaptable with different styles making her even more of a hot commodity in this industry. The woman is a force to be reckoned with. This video is definitely one of our Rawrr Picks in October.

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