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#RawrrzonePicks - Ray Fame Smoke Klouds

I remember growing up looking at reviews and interviewers discussing a project with an artist and go into full detail. Now a day’s a writer writes a review in a few lines makes one comparison to our icons that we grew up watching and they call it a review. For an artist like Ray Fame a few words just are not enough, and I am not just saying it because of my friendship with the ICMG 2 DEEP member. The newest member of their team lived a lifetime of heartache and pain in which we never understood nor he cared to share with us for a long time and he took the time to express the hurt and the pain in the only way he knows how through music. With his help from label mate Teddy Grahams and Kony Brooks at the helm making sure he continues to spread the message to all of us. At some points he surprised us all where his words became motivating as opposed to the normal thotty thot stuff you see on a daily basis.

The five track EP was released this past Friday November 16th, a special day the day of his daughter’s birthday. The project describes everything he has endured in his past and the wisdom he wants to pass down to his children. Untold Story, Thoughts of a Felon, and Pain Muzik are our favorites here .

Untold Story dedicated to his mother and her life story, The line that touched me the most was Fuck a job I told her i rather run these streets. She said son you bugging go and get your degree one day I wont be here this family going to be missing me. In this track he has us thinking about the choices he had to make and to prepare a future that one day would not have his mom. It touches you makes us all think of the questions when our parents do not want to bury us but we dont want to bury them either. We never want to be able to live a life without our parents, and we think about their thoughts if we are on the best path or not.

Thoughts of a Felon, which debut on Write Your Own History Live . Our favorite line includes As im hanging up these pictures on my cell walls praying one day they will open these cell doors never sell my soul homie, so don’t sell yours homie cant wait till they open up these cell doors. I automatically think about the struggle he went through without his children and the pain they felt waiting and trying to understand why Fame was not home. I felt all the pain and agony from Fame’s eyes and his story of his life in incarceration.

Pain Muzik the opening track of the entire EP describes Fame’s life and how the world shut him down and told him no to be emotional dealing with the tragic deaths of both his cousin and his mother. That the life he was living is the answer to take away all his pain, if he would still have the respect if he took another way. Describing what he could do to give his daughters a life they deserve. The vocals in between the verses has you in contemplation to the sound.

The EP was put out in a story line, where each song was a different scenario which includes the hit single She’s My Type featuring Teddy Grahams and Saay Park but the remix featuring newcomer Ceresse J . Only thing that could have been added was a transition between tracks in order to give us some time to process what we had just heard. Overall this project is truly amazing and Fame has truly surpassed all expectations.

The young rapper will be an irresistible force keep up with him.

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Check out the project here

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