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#RawrrZonePicks - Venomiss No Favors No Regrets No Apologies

Something about this young woman, and things she says will make you think. In our most recent interview with her on Monday Night Rawrr Welcome to the Rawrrzone Jersey Born, NC bred rapper Venomiss tells at home its about competition, down south its about collaboration. That is one of the wisest things we as personalities and interviewers get to hear when it comes to the current state of hip-hop. With millions of streams and followers from all over the world, Venomiss is still as humble now as she is from day one, and her lessons that she learned reflects upon all of her projects but more importantly her latest one No Favors, No Regrets, No Apologies.

The 9 track compilation includes her two singles Roofie and Far Away featuring former label mate and good friend Lyrik G. The project was definitely a step away from All Eyes on V and Heiress of the Echelon she is unpologetically unapologetic. 7 Deadly sins the song that stood out the most to us she calls out those harnessing the 7 deadly sins and tries to warn them away from falling into them. Visions as pointed out by our engineer has a Game with Tpain vibe, the artist goes and speaks her story says her vision for herself Workaholic call it What im built for she shows her ambition for the game and how she will never give up.

We are trying not to give away the whole project you need to catch it on all streaming platforms and follow her on instagram @itsvenomiss

Follow us on instagram @mnrawrrnyc and Twitter @rawrrzonenyc

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