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Rawrrzone Picks - Promknght

Over the course of our duration on the indie waves and the internet we have come across many different and unique artist but the underground has not completely witnessed or comprehended the talent that is PromKnght.

We were familiar with him after seeing him at many events, but we were more fascinated with him until we heard his latest EP Kiss. With a unique musical style composed of dark sensual beats giving you the mysterious yet explorable feelings one can uncover listening to this project. Our favorite sounds consisted of Numb as well as temporary. Listening to Numb I felt a hint of the Weeknd in the execution but he exceeded in our eyes the presence. Temporary is a collaborative masterpiece between himself and Kwoat. The combination quite unique in their respective genres.

During our holiday giveback we had the opportunity to speak and have an interview with the illustrious being himself.

1) When I first met you, when I first heard your name it sounded so mysterious where did the origins of your name come from?

I wanted a name that stands out more for branding purposes. PROM is a night you celebrate your accomplishments and growth. KNGHT signifies a person being that KNIGHT are soldiers that fought with Armors.. It defines me fighting for everything I want to accomplish. I'm passionate of my brand... The reason the "I" was excluded from KNGHT is because I can't do it all alone without the support and help of others. I am PROMKNGHT.

2) Who is Sylvester J Wiz? After looking on your pages, and other resources there was another name that came up under your name? Is it an alter ego like J.Cole's kill Edward?

Sylvester J WIz It's not an alter ego but it was the name I used to go by when I first started out recording music.

3) ) As we have discussed you have a very Weekndish sound, who are your influences?

The Weeknd was and is still is one of my influences .. but my influences change for every project as I grow. Right now, H.E.R and a lot of new souls that's been keeping R&B alive.

4) What are your impulses when writing music?

One or few of my impulse when writing music is thinking of old experiences I went through and current experiences. Even thinking of situations my friends have gone through.. Their stories sometime inspires me to write because I know a lot of people can relate.

5) What are your impulses when writing music?

I'm just a shy individual overall. I've always been this way because of what I been through growing up.. I don't like too much attention and I don't like too many people in my personal business. I'm a peoples person but I'm not at the same time if that makes sense. I interact better in my music and in writing than I do face to face or even speaking.

6) You used to live in Miami, what was the difference in your experience as an artist there opposed to being in New York?

I was born in Miami... I haven't really gotten the experience to live out there and view it in my teenage life or adult hood. I personally like to say I'm a New Yorker over everything.

7) Tell us about Kiss? What was significant about this project that you released it on your birthday?

The reason for me releasing my EP #Kiss on my birthday was because to me "Kiss" is like a rebirth to my sound. It's who I am and what I want to be remembered by...

8) Tell me about the production, when talking with you before the release you mentioned how you recorded the project. Tell us about it?

I recorded and engineered my EP myself.. All i had was my Galaxy S2 And my old outdated Acer laptop.

9) What did you start with when in the process of this project?

When making "Kiss" I definitely started with lyrics and found beats that matched it perfectly.

10) What sets your music apart from the other artists of your caliber?

What I believe sets my music apart from other artist on my caliber is simply me just trying to keep the 90s R&B culture going... Being unapologetic as possible in my music and being honest.. but I have to give credit to those who are also trying to keep the R&B wave alive.

11) What set this EP from the rest of the music you have produced? I notice some of your earlier releases were not available on soundcloud.

What set this EP apart from the other music I've produced is simply the growth and the confidence I've gained over the months. I feel like each year is a new era of elevation for me.. my next project most likely will be better than "Kiss" because my growth is constant.

12) What are your favorite songs from the EP and why? Our favorites are Numb, Summertime , Good service, and temporary.

My favorite songs from my ep changes. I have a certain mood for all of them. I got to admit though my least fav is "Temporary" .. I think my brother Kwoat made that song what it is.

13) Where do your concepts for the visuals/covers come from? Your covers are dark/mysterious and your videos/visuals are cinematic yet hypnotic, what is the secret behind them

The reason for my covers always being very mysterious and dark i guess it's because of who I am.. very to myself.. i have a dark soul.. I've been through a lot of set backs in life.. So when I create my art.. it's usually not planned, I just go with the flow and what I'm feeling..

14) I dont see many features on your EP other than Kwoat, how did you two come together musically?

I chose Kwoat to be the only feature on my EP cause I just envisioned him on the track i selected for him.. We have worked in the pass and I'm a fan of his, uh I know what he's capable of and I'm very specific with who i work with.

15) Whats next?

What's next for me is a new project in the works for 2019, a couple of projects actually and also new merch and a lot more goodies I rather not mention yet..

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