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Daniel Dominguez or currently known as Hugo Sings has been in the industry for quite a while. He surprised us in his beginnings with his melodic and soulful covers, perform at the local events captivating the attention of everyone there. With soulful and deep eyes, a voice, and personality to light up the room its hard to find an artist that can captivate an audience the way Hugo does. We met Hugo a few years ago at a Valentines day event presented by Funky Amor and he has stayed on our radar since. Currently we at Rawrrzone are in awe as he blew us away with an amazing project that sets him apart from other artists in his genre.

Working Class Hero a project title that fits the characteristic of the young artist. Sings would go from his tiring 9-5 and work on his true passion once nightfall came. What makes him standout from the traditional R&B vocalist is his beat selection as well as his story line. Let me explain, each one of the tracks on his EP has a different vibe, that stands outside of the "standard" of RNB. Hugo mixes his love of alternative / rock music and sprinkles it into the music. Its quite refreshing listening to this the EP will have you in a trance like Alice when she fell down the rabbit hole.

Lets get into why I say this, the two songs that spark something inside me when I listen to this EP. Dark Place - Can Somebody Anybody Help Me I dont think I ever been in such a dark place, I actually want to be in a dark place if he sings like this. This is the track where you will love to close your eyes and want to see what hes seeing within the song, what is it that he fears being in that dark place. He paints the storyline for you and in your mind you can replay it. What adds to the mystic is the guitar styling of Eric Jayk of Wildstreet.

In addition Jayk gave us his musical direction in All My Love, where we not only see the musical genius that is Hugo but we see Jayk into his other role as producer giving us such a melodic heartfelt ballad in All My Love, after listening to that you want to be the one that gets all of his love. Lastly, the debut single 8 or 9 has us jamming to the beat as it is a tune that you want to continue cruising down the highway to go for a night out.

As an artist he has showed us how he can be versatile both vocally, melodically, and lyrically as his bio stated he will be a force to be reckoned with, we can not wait to see what Hugo has in store for us now.

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